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In the present times, shopping is not only about the mere exchange of products for money, but it is also about the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of the brick and mortar establishments. Therefore, the owners of retail have this obligation of working with the best Shopfitters Perth to get their stores fitted for the shoppers. The owners always make it a point to go for Shopfitters who have excellent skills in fitting Walls and Ceilings.

Designing a retail store involves taking some factors into account and these include furnishings, lighting, store layout, Wi-Fi and music connection and window displays. Just like homeowners who receive the services of interior designers for increasing the aesthetic appeal of their houses, retail store owners need to work in collaboration with the Shopfitters for achieving the best design for the retail store. Developing a retail store is part art and part science. Owners who have this strong desire of reaping the best benefits of proper customer experience need to seek the services of Shopfitters perth who are skilled at designing Walls and Ceilings. Not only this, but the shop fitters also offer appropriate and sound advice enabling the achievement of long-term and short-term goals of the business. Before choosing the best Shopfitters, owners need to have an idea about the skills that the Shopfitters need to possess.

Some core competencies help in the making of a great Shopfitter. One of the most important skills that a Shopfitter should possess is that of project management, which includes three significant areas: the budget, timescale, and the deliverable. The deliverable are made up of specifications detailing the exact work that is required to be carried out. It entails all the major phases of the Shopfitting procedure. Next, comes the budget specifying the cost that will be incurred in designing different areas of the store. This shall be broken down into different sections showing Shopfitter labor, shop display fittings cost and the costs of materials. The time scale specifies the amount of time needed for completing each phase of the Shopfitting procedure.

Shopfitters should have the ability of planning and design the layout of the shop early on as this helps in the prevention of expensive store modifications shortly. Experienced Shopfitters perth have the skills of using joiners and metals for executing different assignments. Apart from this, Shopfitters perth must also have excellent skills in plumbing, electrical, signage, and maintenance. Shopfitters need to carry out different types of repair works both externally and internally for a retail store. Besides all this, it is necessary for you to make sure that the Shopfitter that you choose possesses the ability to fit all sorts of shop fittings that you might be having.

Shop Fittings That Can Help You Sell More


The first impression made is often one that lasts. Whether you are thinking of starting up a new business or you want to revamp your existing venture, you’ll need to give serious thought to the look of the place. This is how shop fittings can play a huge role in the fitting out of service centres, retail outlets and stores stocking merchandise and equipment. Shop fittings can be used in all types of retail outlet whether a small local shop or a huge hypermarket.

Shop fittings communicate to the customer that you are a professional business and allows you to display product to its advantage in a way that is attractive and accessible to your target market.

The process of buying shop fittings should follow a great deal of planning and design of the shop layout. If you have been allocated the task of deciding on the shop fittings it helps to have some interior design skills or input from an expert to get the most out of the store layout. You will need to make choices on retail equipment, fittings, signage and even the plastic bags you use. Below are the things to expect from a nice shop fitting.

Visual appeal
This is the number one benefit and factor that drives store owners to seek professional shop fittings. It doesn’t matter whether the total area of the shop is small; as long as it’s designed properly with a spacious feel, customers will be compelled to enter, linger and, hopefully, purchase something.

Better organization
Store clerks have a lot to do to keep a shop running smoothly. There’s the arrangement of products to take care of, attending to customers and bagging goods. Sales and promotional days see high traffic as everyone is eager to avail discounts. With a properly outfitted shop, this rush is better handled.

Smoother traffic flow
Shop fitters tackle these issues by assessing the area of the shop and plotting out points where maximum visibility will be achieved. They chart out where mannequins should be set, where display shelves will go and so on to make traffic flow unencumbered. This serves both customers and store clerks who can attend to their needs better.

Higher profits
Store owners who are retailers are dependent on ordinary customers to profit from their ventures. Their stores are the only points of sale. If not outfitted well, a store cannot attract customers no matter how exclusive the products are or how well-stocked the inventory is. This means lesser profits and a business that’s struggling to stay afloat.
Choose a shop fitting company that is reputable and will take time to work with you on the layout of the shop to find the best shop fittings for you. Allow for the amount of time it will take to refit the shop whether it is a new business or an existing one.

Having high quality, workable shop fittings can give you that all important edge over the competition. It can improve productivity and sales. You are looking to create not only a great shopping experience to your customers but to provide a good place to work for staff.

At Shop Fittings Perth, we offer an extensive range of shop fittings to choose from.

A perfect plan for your shop fittings


Shop fitting involves installation of fixtures, fittings and equipment’s in your shop. The fittings can attract more customers through their visual aspects. It’s an involving process. First, you start with planning of the shop floor in accordance to the space you intend to use. This is a key requirement to ensure all the space is used to maximum potential. Secondly, you prepare the design and layout of the shop. Due to high competition, design is even more important in today’s market .Examples of fittings include; display cabinets, shelves, refrigeration units etc. The following are a few things to consider before fitting your shop;

Shop layout

This involves determining the size of the shop. It depends with what you are selling. For example if you are selling clothes, you need a specific type of fitting to ensure they are visible to all potential buyers. In case you are dealing with products like phones and accessories, you need to use glass as your fitting. This will give the right impression to customers. However, if your shop has limited space, you can use big sized mirrors to display your products.

Material of the fitting

Apart from the appearance, the materials used should be durable. One should not forget the aesthetic part of it.

Colors of the shop

This attracts customers to come to your shop. They give customers attention. Colorful fixtures are attractive and eye catching. They give your shop a unique theme. The colors can display the brand name. In addition, they can be customized to fit your taste and preference.

Shop lighting

The fittings should have enough light to facilitate potential buyers see the items on display. Lights should be placed in a strategic place to attract customers. If you are selling gift items, ambient lighting is the most preferred. Stores with dim light will not attract customers.


Shop fittings involve considerable amount of investment hence the need to plan. If you have a tight budget, you should stick to it.

Trusted Shop Fittings in Perth


Shop fittings are items that are used in retail outlets to display the products that they sell. They can be anything from shelves to clothes racks. Even things like hangers, mannequins, carrier bags, signage and baskets come under the category of shop fittings. Anything that you need in your shop to help you to put what you sell on display and sell it to the customer is considered a fitting.

Where to Buy Shop Fittings

Years ago your only option if you bought a shop or rented a new unit was to get your local firm of shop fitters in to fit your shop out for you. They took care of everything including decorating, carpeting, fitting counters, getting your tills set up and of course shop fittings. Now if you want to you can do all of this yourself. If you have run a shop before it is a good option, because you know what needs to be done and have a good idea of how to achieve the look you are after. However, if this is your first retail outlet getting a shop fitter to do all this for you still makes a lot of sense even though it can be quite expensive to hire one to do this work for you.

If you do decide to fit out your shop yourself you can buy your shop fittings online. There are several firms that sell a good range of products. It is important to buy from well established firms that have plenty of photos of their products and who sell heavy duty fixtures and fittings that can withstand day to day use.

Choosing Shop Fittings

Before buying your shop fittings browse through what is available. Work out the style of fittings you want and how many of each fixture or fitting you need. The best way to do this is to draw it out on a ‘to scale’ plan of your shop. Be careful about what you order many firms allow you to return unwanted items, but you usually have to pay the postage and have to meet other criteria to do so.